About PalmBux.com

PalmBux is a paid to click site out of Scottsdale, Arizona. It is a privately registered company, so I am unable to find information on the owner.

Members are able to click ads ( usually 610 per day ), and they generate revenue from those clicks. Or, an advertiser can purchase click packages that will pay the members to view their websites.

Palmbux currently has 125,658 users and has paid out $196,162.89 to date.

You get $0.01 ( up to $0.015 ) per click and $0.005 (up to $0.01) per referral click!

You can get your money, when you reach $5, they will pay you instantly! Your daily clicks are 4+ ( up to 12+ ) per day!

You can get your money throught AlertPay! :)

We recommend it!

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